Extra Care Program

It is a program for vehicle owners participating in this program and certificate issued towards it which aims to address the consequences resulting from engine or gearbox failures after the expiration of the factory warranty period, whether by the duration or exceeding the mileage, which constitutes an economic burden on the owner.


Service details:


Issuing a preliminary extra care certificate (the preliminary Certificate) that includes coverage of the engine and gearbox at a cost of a maximum of 8000 Saudi riyals per year, starting from the date of issuing the Preliminary certificate and without the need to examine the vehicle, provided that the conditions and exceptions found in the extra care certificate are adhered to. If the car owner decides to attend one of autohub® centers and perform a technical inspection of the engine and gearbox (free), he will be exempted from the conditions of coverage while maintaining the exceptions, and the coverage limit will be raised to 15,000 riyals per year from the date of the examination to the end of the period mentioned in the Final care certificate (the Final Certificate)

The Final Certificate (if issued) will supersede the Preliminary Certificate

Care Coverages

  • The Engine:

Includes a range of cylinders, parts, and decorative interior parts including cylinders, pipes, driveshafts, tie rods, camshafts, mounts, pushrods, swing arms, thermostats, valve thrust levers, and an oil pump. (Excluding consumable and usual parts such as spark plugs, wires, belts, and Ahwaz). As well as all other excluded parts mentioned in the Preliminary or Final Certificate. 


  • Gearbox:

Which only includes mechanical parts only. All other parts mentioned in detail in the Preliminary or Final Certificate are excluded.


Additional Benefits:

Covering the expenses of transporting the damaged car to the nearest autohub® center, with a maximum value of 1000 riyals per year, which is within the coverage limit mentioned in the Preliminary or Final Certificate, provided that the claim is acceptable.


Coverage Policy

  • General Terms and Conditions:

The customer must abide by the conditions mentioned in the Preliminary Certificate, and the repair will be exclusively in autohub® centers, and no monetary compensation will be given for any reason including any repairs made outside the autohub® centers.


  • Claim Rules and Procedures:

In the event of any vehicle malfunction, among the malfunctions included in the extra care program, the customer must:

  1. Contact customer service to locate the nearest authorized service center.
  2. Show the initial or final certificate to prove his/her eligibility to obtain the service.
  3. Make sure that he/she carries out the periodic maintenance so as not to lose his/her right to obtain the service.
  4. The service center will inspect the car, determine the nature of the malfunction, estimate the cost of repair, and in the event that the claim is valid, the repair will be carried out and in accordance with the Preliminary and/or Final Certificate requirements.

  5. If the repair costs exceed the specified warranty limit or amount provided in the Preliminary or the Final Certificates as the case may be, or there are malfunctions that are not included and have been repaired, the customer must pay them directly to the service center in autohub®.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  • When does the warranty start?

After the original manufacturer warranty expires and as per the Certificate (Preliminary or Final) terms.


  • How is the warranty activated for the customer?

The initial certificate is valid immediately upon issuance by autohub® and is subject to the exceptions and conditions mentioned therein.

The Final Certificate is issued at the Company service center and delivered to the customer when the free engine and gearbox check is performed and subject to the certificate terms and conditions.