About Us


Established with long experience in serving Toyota brand guests, Abdul Latif Jameel Body & Paint Works Co. Ltd. autohub® to offer you its experiences in after-sale services through autohub® which is a nationwide network of centers that provide services and solutions for car repair and maintenance, not just for Toyota guests, but also for those of various brands, with branches across several regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Each autohub® center offers a special and unique experience by providing all your car needs in a convenient hassle-free experience one-stop-store, and a high quality you can trust. If you are seeking to protect or improve your car’s look, visit our website www.autohubksa.com or contact our customer care representatives on 920024420 to learn about the several choices of insulation and protection films or high-quality detailing services. At the same time, you can learn about the product prices and the nearest center suitable for you, also you can book an appointment with an autohub® expert to provide with the best possible experience.


Because we appreciate your precious time, you can also request an autohub® representative to pick your car from home or work, and we will do the necessary job and return it back to you through our Door-to-Door service. For periodic maintenance, contact the customer care team to learn what the maintenance includes according to the instructions of each brand manufacturer and the required time for the service. If you want to spend that time in our centers, you can enjoy comfortable waiting lounges equipped to serve you through free Internet access and enjoy your favorite coffee. In case you encounter any unexpected circumstances such as accidents or mechanical breakdowns, all our centers are at your service with a specialized technical team working at your convenience.


As one of Abdul Latif Jameel companies, autohub® is committed to providing outstanding service with high quality. When you choose autohub®, you can stay reassured about your car’s safety, for we use genuine parts. Your car will be in safe hands from the moment of receival until it returns to the road again. In addition to our trained experts and work team, our quality department will ensure that all required work be done in a very professional manner before delivering your car, to ensure you are able to complete your daily work effectively and safely spend joyful times with your family.


At autohub® we offer you the services you wish.