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Air Blower

A small portable air blower that inflates tires at a high speed

Price: 250 SR

William bag

complete car care products

Price: 250 SR

Car Wash Services

At autohub® center we have a fully equipped carwash fully with the latest services and most professional technicians, ensuring the highest level of car cleanliness and the maintainability of clean, shiny, scratch-less paint.

price : Car Wash Sedan 42 SR, Car Wash SUV 63 SR

Power Booster

With the power booster, you can always avoid tough situations on the road if your car’s battery malfunctioned. This advanced power booster is designed for cars, trucks, SUVs, motorbikes, and off-road vehicles, and is strong enough to power diesel engines and others. It can also be used as a charger for smartphones and other devices.

price :656 SR

New Car Scented Air Refresher

Meguiar is an air refresher with the scent of a “new car”, which helps eliminate irritating odors inside the car, making the vehicle smell like new.

price : 95 SR

Front Seat Padding

· Made from high quality material · Easy to fit · Fits in any car · Protect your expensive product from getting lost by falling in the front seat sides gap

price : 158 SR

Tablet & Mounting Device

This rear seat entertainment system consists of an Android tab with its mounter: • 10.1-inch screen • Integrated internal speakers • 0.3-megapixel front camera • 2-megapixel rear camera • Remote control • Integrated Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS • SD card slot (up to 32 GB) • HDMI port • Micro-USB port • AUX port • Passed European safety tests • Portable anywhere • 2-year warranty

price : 1,733 SR

Tire Pressure Gauge

This device monitors the tire pressure and temperature using a sensor mounted simply on each tire: • Maintains tire age by preventing lack or excess of pressure. • Cautions you of any air leakage from tires so you can reach a wheel service shop before it’s too late • Cautions you of any tire heat excess to protect you and your family from any tire explosion on a highway • Firmly locks sensors by providing locks and safety valves to prevent it from being stolen or messed with, and only opens with special key

price : 788 SR

Polish & Caretaking Services

This advanced service in supreme polishing helps bring back the luster of the car’s original color, correct it, and treat its layers with surface polish, which requires removal of no layer.

Nano Ceramic Coating

This ceramic layer preserves the car’s paint to help maintain its shine like it’s brand new. It prevents the shine from fading and spotting for 3 years.

price : 3,938 SR All Different Sizes