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Terms of Use

ALL PRODCUTS & PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS contained on this website are for guidance ONLY and may not apply to all vehicle grades. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice, however, this should not prevent you from returning to the owner manual. 


The website contains information and data about available autohub®  products in addition to brochures, flyers and current promotions.. The offers presented on this website are available only in the countries indicated for each promotion. Content presented on this website is solely for advertising purposes and is not for your commercial reuse as a source of information through a third party legally authorized for maintenance and sales. The content of this website has been designed to be fit for its purpose as possible. We reserve the right to update the information regarding the designs, equipment, specifications and availability without any prior notice.  

Product Prices

Prices presented on this website are for informational purposes only and might be changed without any prior notice. The prices displayed do not constitute a sales offer. These prices may be different from the prices offered by other autohub® dealers. Purchase of a autohub® product is subject to the terms and conditions of a documented and a separate contract. 

Cookies Policy

Cookies are used to allow AutoHub® to save and track the paths that lead you to the Site.Also to help record and improve user activity
in order to make it more useful to you,it does not record the information of individual users by this technology.Therefore, no information about you is kept or used privately.
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Personal Information and User Input

Any personal information you provide to the website will be used for the purposes of improving the service provided by autohub® . The autohub® team endeavor to guarantee the security, passage and retention of all personal information provided depending on the nature of the information. We will not use this information to send any unwanted messages or data. As autohub® is not responsible for monitoring or reviewing any input placed on the website by end users,autohub® does not accept any responsibility and will not be held accountable for any consequences stemming from end user input. 

Copyright Notice

The entire content of this website is protected by the international copyright law. The information, text, images and pictures presented on the website is intended for personal use only. You are not authorized to edit, activate, license, copy, reuse and publish, partially or entirely, the information on the website without exclusive written permission from autohub® 


All trademarks, logos and icons on autohub® are entirely and exclusively owned by their respective owners. The user is not authorized to use, download, print or publish this intellectual property in any way without written permission from its owner. 

Limitation of Liability

AutoHub® shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or special damages arising from your use of the Site in any way, including but not limited to any loss or damage caused by viruses affecting your equipment or device. Your computer or through your reliance on any information obtained through the Site.

Accuracy Assurance

The autohub® team endeavors reasonably to ensure that information and data provided on autohub® is accurate. However, it is possible that the website contains mistakes that can be attributed to human error. autohub® is not responsible for the accuracy of data and information on the website. The data and information presented on the website is provided for you without any explicit or implicit guarantee of accuracy. 

The information, images and pictures presented on autohub® are provided as guidelines only to assist the customer in decision-making. They are to provide the customer with a preliminary perception about the product and its specification, which might not be entirely applicable to a specific category of products. The content is not considered part of the purchase contract, a sales offer, an alternative for independent consultation, or a guarantee of the completeness and accuracy of product information or the product suitability for any specific purposes. 

You are urged to refer to the sales representative to ensure suitability of the product for your objectives needs and purposes so that an informed decision can be made. autohub® disclaims any responsibility or accountability for using the information provided on the website. autohub® has the right to edit product information and specifications anytime without any prior notice. For more guidance and details regarding the specifications of a certain product category, please contact the sales department in automobile showrooms. 

Policy Edits and Updates

autohub® reserves all rights to make any changes to the website policy in accordance with business needs and objectives. We urge you to visit and read this page from time to time